From custom homes to cabins.

The needs may be different for your new home or that special place in the mountains but with a little adaptation the processes are the same.

Additions and remodels

Does the addition or remodel look like it is part of your house or just something that was attached?


Multi-family projects have their own challenges, balancing good building practices, materials that will last, use of the building space available and last but not least livability for the occupants.

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I am currently working feverishly to write as much content as possible so that I can convince you that Acadia Design is the firm to trust your project to.

Busy season so far!

This year I was chosen to be the designer for the Lane County Home Builders Association Parade of Homes entry. Built in the Cottages at Nottingham Place it is sited on one of the few lots left in the subdivision. Most of the lots that were easier to envision a house on have been built on already and this gave the association an opportunity to show potential buyers an example of how those lots could be utilized.

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Some building sites are more interesting

Sometimes in the northwest the challenges we meet while building a home is weather or site related but sometimes they come and go on their own.

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